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You are invited to experience honest reflections that inform, shape and change the way you see yourself and the world around you.  You will be both embraced and challenged. Together we will celebrate your insights and growth. Come and explore Equine Assisted Personal Development!

What is EAL?

Equine Assisted Learning is an immersive partnership with horses that allows for a deep experiential relationship, producing immediate feedback and opportunities for change.

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Find Connection and Wellbeing

Together a session is  co created based on your particular concerns and interests. Here at Ears to You we establish sessions that move at your pace, encouraging the building of trust and relationship through gentle interactions, observation, joining of the herd, and horse care, that arrives at finding connection and partnership. We continuing to enhance sessions by partnering in engaging tasks,  moving together, leading, problem solving, expression of feelings and needs while receiving feedback .  Every session builds skills in personal awareness, clarity of communication,  confidence, emotional regulation and new mindful approaches to life. Start you investigation into well being today!



Children's Experience

"Lisa loves what she does! Through interactions with the horses, along with Lisa's guidance and wisdom, my daughter is learning to trust herself, believe in her abilities and develop a beautiful bond with these animals. We could have found a place much closer to us but instead we drive the hour long drive because of Lisa!"

Monica Komblum

Trusted by Our Community

Big Brothers Big Sisters

of Centre Wellington

Portage Ontario

Canadian Mental Health Association

EAL Canada

Community Living Ontario

Grand Abilities

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About Me

Hi I am Lisa Sutherland. Find about how Ears To You evolved. Click below to learn more. 

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Meet the Horses

This work wouldn't be possible without my four legged companions. Click below to meet the herd!

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