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Meet The Horses

Our Horses-in-Residence

IMG_9006 (1).JPG


Candy was a trusted trail horse taking countless people for nature excursions. Candy is as sweet as her name, gentle and agreeable, often giving her partner hints to solve EAL challenges quickly! 



Theo is our resident Cyldsdale. He spent the first 13 years of his life as a pet with farm animals. He now enjoys his herd often surprising us with his unique responses and laid back attitude.



Tammy, our lively Quarter horse was a barrel racing show, horse before retiring to her new career. Often mistaken as a young horse she is our herd elder! 



Ozzie is a registered Paint. He is known for his hugs and gentle face. He is young at heart and exudes active and youthful energy!



Voila is a Dutch warmblood who has retired from her competition life. She arrived here with her son Kumasi and her giant gentle eyes and her winning charm and decided she loves being the center of attention in EAL sessions. 

IMG_2936 (2).jpg


You will see Kumasi in the fields with his mom Voila, or practicing his awesome athletic skills with his owner. He will probably offer you a sweet greeting with his curious nature but is not part of  the EAL sessions. 

40709944-D2A3-4395-A78E-75EBAB7566CA (1).JPG


The Herd's second Paint has been enjoying his life at Ears to you since October 2022. He has a big voice, and strong body, but is often looking for reassurance and gentle pats, (Big Softy).

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Our Alumni

Our alumni have since relocated, but contributed to the program greatly!

IMG_5669 (1).JPG


Logan, the youngest herd member is a Rocky Mountain Breed.  He is known for his athleticism, humorous antics and insatiable curiosity. He puts a smile on everyone's face!



Esme, a Percheron cross is the deeply intelligent, confident head mare in the herd. She has the most expressive tail that swishes and sways to enhance her beauty and communicate her feelings. 


Big Al

Alister earns his name as BIG, as a Belguim he is the largest horse in the herd with a big heart to match! Al was a plough horse before being rescued from the meat truck! His gratitude is shown though his compassion for others.

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