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About Me

My name is Lisa Sutherland. I am the horse's caretaker, I am your liaison, interpreter and facilitator while at Ears to You. How did I arrive here? It started as a child picking grass, offering it through the fence to horses in meadows I did not own. Their eyes were soft and expressive, they looked deeply into you. Owning a horse was an idea that felt out of reach for many years, and a dream that was never expressed.

I studied Fine Arts, becoming a dancer teacher, also practicing Martial Arts earning a black belt. I raised and homeschooled 4 amazing human beings, and then began envisioning the next chapter. While volunteering at local barns, and mentoring with well seasoned horse handlers, I envisioned bringing horses and humans together for mutually beneficial relationships. Diving into many courses in Mental Health First Aid, Suicidal Prevention, training and volunteering with Victims Services as well as a 5 year transcriptionist/secretarial role at a psychotherapy office, I felt the need for supportive alternative experiences for people looking for health, healing and growth. After buying my first horse I enrolled in Higher Trails Equine Assisted Personal Development Program obtaining my Certified coaching certificate. Later becoming a founding member of Equine Assisted Learning  Canada. 

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