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Our Method of Teaching

We offer individual mentoring support as well as small group offerings. The horses join us in completing the partnership.

At Ears to You we have adopted a method based on mentorship and facilitative discovery. We prefer questions over answers. We recognize that the horses themselves are Nature’s wisdom holders. You will hear again and again our reply and retort, “What is the horse showing you right now?” Learning becomes trivialized when it is about guessing a “right answer” or “performing correctly” for the sake of external validation. The truth in this work is none of us know until we know; till then we are learning. Each answer sought or unsought awaits our co-discovery with these beautiful natural brethren of ours.

What we are not, however, is professional therapy. We are not diagnosticians, therapists, or clinicians. If you are suffering from significant mental health concerns, then seek out needed professional help in the form of a therapist or a physician. In the same spirit, also recognize that our sufferings can sometimes be unmasked in the course of EAL work. Again, if this becomes the case, we encourage you to seek out trusted professional help or direction in the mental health field. Please let us know if you are struggling, in this regard, so we may offer up appropriate supports and suggestions to move you forward in your healing. That being stated, equine assisted learning can be an excellent adjunct to your primary care work.